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Mailbox Forwarding Service Review

Mailbox Forwarding is an easy paper mail or package management service. The company offers a range of services for people who are looking to avail mail forwarding services.

The Mailbox Forwarding service subscribers are provided with an actual United States street mail box address (remote address) where they can get all their mails including letters, postcards, cheques, documents and packages received and stored. Upon receiving the mails, the Mailbox Forwarding staff immediately scans the outside of the envelope for mails, and packages. The scanned image is uploaded into the unique online mail management account assigned to each user.

The users can then manually decide and inform the company online whether to open the received mails to further scan and upload the contents followed by either physical mail forwarding or shredding and recycling; or they can simply forward the mails to their business, home or any other address worldwide provided by the user without getting the contents opened. The scanned mails are all archived online in pdf format for users to return back and take a look at convenience.

Mailbox Forwarding: What makes it different?

Unique Features of Mailbox Forwarding Service

Real Mailbox Address - Three different mail box addresses available, which are in the states of Michigan (their primary mail processing centre), California and Florida. Each user gets a 5 digit unique mail box number, reflected in their online mail management system, corresponding to any of the above address chosen.

Global Mail Access - With their online mail management system, all users can access their received mails just like an e-mail account and manage it globally from anywhere. Minimum constraint is internet access.

Secure Mail Scanning - The mail opening and scanning process is highly secure and Mailbox Forwarding maintains a strict standard and procedure through a video surveillance scanning facility. The documents and mails are scanned in full-colour 200dpi format for enhanced viewing, reading and printing purposes. After scanning all contents are placed back into the envelopes properly and securely into its storage location.

Global Mail Forwarding - The mails and packages required physically are shipped easily to any location globally. Opened mails are repackaged securely, and bulk shipping can also be done with multiple items together to user’s address.

Shredding & Recycling Mails - All mails or documents that user requires to be discarded are sequentially shredded and then recycled. This eliminates the chances of identity theft and keeps customers information secret at Mailbox Forwarding.

Mail-In Cheque Deposit Facility - Mailbox Forwarding provides cheque deposit services for customers who regularly receive payments in their mail box address. Ideal for small business owners, traders, service providers and even expats, who just need to provide their bank name, branch and account number. Service is automatically bundled into all the subscription packages for the major banks in USA.

Toll - Free Fax Number - Mailbox Forwarding provides its customers with fax receiving services. All customers can get their faxes on this toll free fax number, which upon receiving will be scanned and uploaded into their online accounts. However free, the fax received will be contributed to the monthly scanned mail limit.

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Mailbox Forwarding vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Mailbox Forwarding)

Mailbox Forwarding Vs Industry Leaders

The Mailbox Forwarding plans are very competitive in comparison to the industry leading service providers like MyUS and US Global Mail. Below you can find a small comparison of the services and charges of the basic membership account offered by the three companies.


Mailbox Forwarding

US Global Mail


Service Setup Fee




Monthly Fee

$14.95 per month

$15 per month


Each Additional name on mailbox

Unlimited Free



Parcel Storage Charges beyond 30 days

$1.25 per pound per month

$1 per pound per month

$1 per box per day

Mail Consolidation

$0.75 per item

$2 for letters & $5 for box


All the three throw away the junk marketing mails addressed to current occupant and don’t add it to monthly mail limit. MyUS even provides free package insurance for items declared worth up to $100, whereas Mailbox Forwarding does not provide any package insurance.

MyUS has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB), whereas Mailbox Forwarding is still not BBB

Mailbox Forwarding: Pricing & packages

Now, to compare how Mailbox Forwarding prices compare with its competition for international mail forwarding, I decided to compare their rates of a 10lbs box forwarded to London.

Service Provider
Delivered By
Time in Business Days
Cost in US Dollars
Mailbox Forwarding
USPS Express Mail Intl
US Global Mail
FedEx Int’l Economy
The above comparison shoes that Mailbox Forwarding comes out to be the most economical option for International deliveries. They have added some unique options to the membership plans offered like 10 complete mails free scans per month and a shared toll free fax line on all types of memberships, however, each fax received will be counted as an item scanned.
As a customer there is no limit on shredding and recycling in any of the accounts offered by Mailbox Forwarding and it’s all completely free.
Mailbox Forwarding: Product images & screenshots
Mailbox Forwarding Coupons
Mailbox Forwarding: Customer reviews & comments

Customer Reviews of Mailbox Forwarding Service from around the web

- “Just to be clear, it's a bit of a pain to set up. The website makes it seem like it's as easy as opening up a gmail account, but it takes about a week of paperwork and notarized forms. No complaints so far, though!”
- “They handled all my mail, a few cellphones and a laptop without any problems.”

- “They have three locations, but only the Michigan location processes documents or forwards anything - meaning that anything
shipped to the other locations needs to go there before it can be sent out. This makes the process take 2-3 times as long as it does with any other forwarding service.”

- “I have used Mailbox Forwarding for several months. They do a good job, but it is very basic service. Every envelope is scanned (you have a monthly allocation, then pay for more). You choose whether to scan, shred, or forward, and you can select multiple items to forward in a single shipment at cost + a $.75 processing fee per item. That's really about it. For $9.95 a month, it's perfect for me because I don't have a lot of volume. My biggest complaint is they don't always enter the sender's info, so it just says "Unknown" and you have to go into the envelope scan to see who it is from. I can see if it was a handwritten envelope, but if it says CapitalOne in big letters there's no excuse.”

It is clear that Mailbox Forwarding is value for money service but still there is a lot of capacity for improvement in their services as well as transparency.

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Comments (2)

good one, vo

I'm actually trying to figure out international mail forwarding right now. I was staying in England for a few years, and now that I'm back in the states I want to make sure that I'm getting mail from work and friends. How long does the entire process of forwarding the mail usually take? 

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